NCAA college football games scores Week 9: Missouri, Texas Tech get upset

NCAA nfl and college football scores from Week 9 include two big upsets now. No. 5 Missouri leads the surprising college football games scores from Saturday (Oct. 26) because the team got upset 27-24 by No. 21 South Carolina inside late game. A missed field goal inside the second overtime doomed the Tigers, because the team has now played itself away from title contention. No. 10 Texas Tech also lost, falling to No. 15 Oklahoma 38-30 in a very really tough road game. That removes 2 of the unbeaten teams from your Week 10 BCS standings.
Several other ranked teams also lost on Saturday, with No. 14 Virginia Tech losing to Duke, No. 24 Nebraska losing 34-23 to Minnesota, and No. 12 UCLA fell to No. 3 Oregon. That's four teams inside the top 14 on the BCS rankings that fell last week, meaning you will see many movement if the new polls end up. One more ranked team can be about to get more info lose inside the No. 6 Stanford vs No. 25 Oregon State game on Saturday night.
No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Florida State, and No. 4 Ohio State all blew out their opponents, securing their positions at the top on the polls after they appear on Sunday (Oct. 27). No. 7 Miami barely escaped a casino game against Wake Forest, even so the team could still progress while using Tigers losing inside a great SEC battle. Nobody must be surprised if No. 8 Baylor passes them though. It's very clear the Week 9 NCAA college pigskin scores will directly impact that this updated BCS rankings look.
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